Rec centre staff are offering a range of free activities today for students.

Students in the Kenora area are enjoying a day off today. Schools in the area had a PD day giving the kids an extra long weekend. There has been a big push in trying to get kids more active recently, and with a day like today, the recreation programmer for the Kenora Recreation Centre, Megan Derouard, saw the chance to bring kids in for a day full of activities.

“From 10 (o'clock on) we have our family swim going on, and then we have open hockey for any one who wants to participate in that. This afternoon we have our public swim witch includes the water slide , the Tarzan rope and the leisure pools. That goes on from 1 to 3 today. We also have the public skate that we are running a little later for those kids that like to sleep in from 3 until 5.”

Derouard said that she wanted to give the kids an alternative to siting around playing video games and relaxing at their iPads.

“We are just trying to create options for the kids to come to the rec centre. The weather isn't the best today so we put together a lineup of things the kids can do weather its in the pool, on the rink or in the fitness centre.” she continued.

In trying to keep with the big push to keep kids active and keep them off the couch, the centre was hosting some free events today that kids had the chance to participate in.

“We're offering a free fitness classes for kids.” said Derouard. “We have one that starts at 11:15 and another at 2:15. It's an athletic conditioning class with our certified personal trainers teaching. It gives the kids the opportunity how fun fitness can be.”

In closing Derouard explained that she felt that today was an exciting day for the rec centre. The centre will be open over the weekend for those looking to work off their Thanksgiving dinners.