The COVID-19 outbreak at Kenora’s Pinecrest Home for the Aged is still in effect and has grown from three to eight residents.

The outbreak was first reported on January 4 after three residents tested positive.

Now, Assistant Administrator Michelle Spencer says the outbreak has grown to eight residents as of January 9, with one of the positive residents located in Unit 2 – which is not in an outbreak.

Spencer explains transmission was due to attendance at a recent recreation activity.

As it stands, visitor restrictions are as follows for Unit #3 residents:

- One essential caregiver for positive residents, unless otherwise approved
- Two essential caregivers for remaining residents, unless otherwise approved
- No designated caregiver under the age of 18
- No general visitors
- When possible, visits should remain in the residents’ room
- Essential caregivers seeing positive residents must wear mask/eye shields for their visit – or full PPE

This is Pinecrest’s first COVID-19 outbreak of the year. The facility declared six outbreaks in 2022.

All visitors are reminded that if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone who is unwell, please refrain from visiting the home or any of its residents.