There was plenty of spaghetti and cupcakes at Pope John Paul II yesterday. That's because they held a fundraiser dinner for Grade 3 student James Henry. James is undergoing treatment for leukemia. Mom Sarah Henry says she's very grateful.

"It's helpful and I'm grateful for it. It helps a lot with all the traveling we've been doing and bills," she said.

Principal Maureen Frankcom explains why they held the fundraiser for James.

"James and his family got the diagnosis last summer. It's a great financial burden to his family. James is part of our school community and we support each other," she said.

Henry says they've been traveling back and forth from Kenora to Winnipeg in order to get treatment. They actually had to move to Winnipeg when he was first diagnosed. Now, James is in a maintenance stage, which means he's going to Winnipeg about every month and a half. She offers an update on how James is doing.

"He's doing better. Just slight nausea and a little pain in the ankles but other than that he's getting his strength back. His hair is coming back finally. So, he's doing good," she said.

Frankcom says this was also an excellent way to invite parents into the school for Catholic Education Week. She says they try to really encourage a sense of community with all their families at PJP.

Parents and students enjoy a spaghetti dinner at PJP last night.

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