Grade 6 students at Pope John Paul created a tour of the world in their gymnasium yesterday. Teacher Jared Ralko explains what the project was all about.

"All three of the Grade 6 classes have been working together to create a project about a country that Canada has a trade agreement with. They were looking at the details such as the location, the national resources of that country, any current issues happening in the country. Then they created a report and a display," he said.

Student Daniel Tom had the country of Spain.

"It was a really good project. I really enjoyed learning about Spain and how the Eiffel Tower was originally supposed to be there," he said.

Student Jessica Pitura's country was France. She explains the most interesting thing she learned about France.

"About like how many types of cheese and croissants their are and stuff," she said.

Malikai Kejick was one of the younger students invited in to see the display. He was impressed.

"They're pretty cool. They talk about different countries and different places around the world, and they're pretty cool actually," he said.

Keejick said he learned a lot of new things.

"My favourite one was the United Kingdom because I didn't know that UK stood for and now I know it stand for United Kingdom," he said.

Eli Shumka did a display on Japan. He explains one of the interesting facts he learned.

"They are a very small country. Their capital city is Tokyo. It has 37.5 million people. Canada has 32.5 million people, so their capital city of Tokyo has more people then the entire country of Canada," he said.

Shumka, and some of his fellow students, even took the time to bring in snacks and figures that represented their countries.