The mayoral race has officially begun in Kenora with the first candidate submitting his papers yesterday. 

Current Kenora City Councilor Andrew Poirier filed his nomination papers yesterday to be the next Mayor of Kenora.  

As of this time, Poirier is the only person to submit official nomination papers but others have expressed interest in the seat including current Mayor of Kenora, Dan Reynard. 

Poirier is well seasoned in public administration, having over 30 years of experience. Before this current term, he held a seat on Council from 2003 – 2009.  

In more municipal election news, another name has entered the race for a spot-on City Council. Mark LaBelle officially submitted his name yesterday.  

LaBelle is now one of the four people trying for the six City Council seats.  

LaBelle has lived in Kenora for 6 years but has visited the town for 40 years. He is an active member of the music and theatre community and he has a background in the entertainment industry.  

If elected to City Council, LaBelle feels as though he would be a fresh perspective to Council, his focus will be to bring sustainability to the community for its residents and visitors. Issues such as crime, housing, and recreational services will be priorities for LaBelle.  

Nominations close on August 19, 2022.