The pandemic doesn't mean a slower pace for Kenora police. Officers responded to 168 calls over the weekend for a monthly total of about 1,427 calls.

This is actually about 300 calls in a month more than the 1,142 calls the detachment received last January, which was before the pandemic started.

It's also an increase of about 200 calls for service from the previous month, when officers responded to 1,201 calls.

In 2020, the detachment responded to 16,093 calls, which is their lowest total since before meth arrived in 2016, when officers responded to 13,907 calls.

The detachment has been working with community partners on a number of initiatives, which are helping to divert calls to other agencies. However, since the OPP usings a four-year average to determine their bills to the city, ratepayers won't see a dip in their rate until 2023.

Last weekend's calls for service included:

  • 2 Alarms
  • 4 Attempt or Threat of Suicide
  • 2 Ambulance Assistance
  • 2 Dangerous Conditions
  • 6 Theft
  • 17 Liquor Licence Act
  • 4 Suspicious Person
  • 8 Domestic Dispute
  • 6 Police Assistance
  • 4 Mischief
  • 3 Mental Health Act
  • 7 Motor Vehicle Collision
  • 10 R.I.D.E. checks
  • 7 Traffic Complaints
  • 16 Unwanted Person
  • 2 Weapons

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