Users of lake water in the Red Lake community are warned of possible contamination of their water service.

The Municipality of Red Lake says users of lake water are advised that as a result of an overflow of sewage to Howey Bay, water users are advised of potential microbiological contamination, including E-coli and other potential pathogens.

Lake water users from the eastern portion of Red Lake from Howey Bay and McNeely Bay extending east downstream along the Chukuni River, including Keg Lake, Gullrock Lake and Two Island lake may be affected, and are asked to contact Public Works at 807-727-2597.

It’s been a tough few days for the Red Lake community, who continue to be cut off from the rest of the province.

The Ministry of Transportation closed Highway 105 from Vermilion Bay to Highway 609 due to water over the road earlier this morning, while a second washout continues to close Highway 105 about 20 kilometres south of the community.

The initial washout on Highway 105 at Caribou Creek has been repaired. It had shut down Highway 105 on Sunday, but crews wrapped up their work Monday night. The highway was open for a few hours before closures were announced on other sections of the highway.

The Municipality of Red Lake says Highway 105 is also seeing closures at the Golden Hook area due to flooding, as well as Highway 105 at Buller Creek. They say the Quibel Route of Highway 609 is operational, but motorists are asked to proceed with caution.