Reno CameronVirtual workshops on making regalia is helping to close the gap, as the summer powwow trail is on pause. 

"All our lives, we all grew up on the powwow trail, and this is our first time not doing it," says Reno Cameron at the Kenora Chiefs Advisory, who has been hosting some of the workshops.

Dance competitions have also had to go online this year, with entries from across Treaty 3. Workshops have also included a range of topics from role models offering career advice to bankers offering tips on household budgeting.

"I have people all the way from Austin, Texas, messaging me. How do you do this?" Cameron said last week, still amazed and the response.

More than 1,300 followers have signed up for the workshops so far, and Cameron is already looking into ways of continuing the program, once the pandemic is over.

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