The second wave is going to be tough, but Ontario Premier Doug Ford says help is on its way, when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine.

"It's going to be one heck of a bumpy road," he said.

"I'm being very frank with the people. Everyone's been together -- all of us -- from the beginning. We're going to stick together. We're just going to get through these next few months, then we're going to get everyone vaccinated," he continued.

The number of new cases of COVID-19 surpassed 4,000 new cases in a day in Ontario last week.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are coming.

"We have to hang in there until April. April, May and June we're hoping we'll get 5 million doses every single month. We'll be vaccinating -- these are staggering numbers -- 160,000 people a day across the province, but we have to get to that point," he added.

The premier was making his comments Friday at Queen's Park. 

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