Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he's looking at measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, and they may include curfews.

"I'll talk with the chief medical officer, regarding any further restrictions, but twofold: we have to continue practicing social distancing, washing our hands and when possible stay at home. That is absolutely key," he said. 

The lockdown for northern Ontario started on Boxing Day and it was set to end Saturday, but the health unit has suggested the increase in cases doesn't support easing public health restrictions.

During yesterday's media briefing, the premier also talked about steps he might take, before making a decision on extending public health measures.

"Well, we're going to the health table and the chief medical officer and get their advice. That's the expertise that we're going to take. We're going to take that advice and we'll be announcing that in the next day or so," he said. 

The Northwestern Health Unit reported 13 new cases in the Kenora region yesterday, as the province saw more than 3,000 new cases.

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