The suspect arrested Monday in connection with the killing of street people in Winnipeg had been ordered to attend counselling at a recovery home three years ago, but it's unclear if he ever reported.

In a 2012 probation order released by the province's Attorney-General's office, Ostamas was ordered to “attend and actively participate in such rehabilitative programs for alcohol, drug or substance abuse, domestic violence, anger management, grief counselling and any such other counselling as may be recommended by your probation officer”.  The probation order does not mention the Changes Recovery Home in Keewatin, or any other rehabilitative program.

The order was made in relation to the following informations, before by Justice D. DiGiuseppe of the Ontario Court of Justice in Thunder Bay, in which Jonathan Paul Ostamas, of Ft. Hope, was found guilty or convicted on the charges of:

Information #: 112318:
S. 733.1(1) – Breach probation
S. 266 – Assault

Information #: 114036
S. 267(b) – Assault bodily harm
S. 145(1)(a) – Escape custody
S. 264.1(1)(a) – Utter threat bodily harm
S. 733.1(1) – Breach probation

Information #: 115241:
S. 733.1(1) – Breach probation

Family and friends of the late Donny Collins, who was one of the street people killed over the weekend in Winnipeg, were planning memorial services in Kenora. Family member Val Canfield noted Collins had struggled with mental illness, which contributed to his being on the street.

The City of Kenora and the Kenora District Services Board are working on ways to improve homelessness in the city and the district. The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force has been working with city councillors on ways to integrate the work of more than 50 agencies in the city, whose mandates include the homeless. The services board is also working on ways to cooperate with an estimated 30 groups, who address mental health. Directors with the services board are also working with staff and the province on their 10-year strategy for reducing homelessness.

In preparation for the memorial, the family released some photos of Collins, when he was younger: