Flyers captain Chris Pronger's missing more action this season, as the team announced he'll be missing about a month with a knee injury. The Dryden native's also missed some games recently, due to a virus. It's all on top of his off-season surgery to repair his back and hand.

In an interview posted on, GM Paul Holmgren said, "This has been an issue probably for the last month or so for him that's been nagging.  He’s been playing through it up until this recent bout with his virus.

"As I said in my statement earlier, we kind of believed that through continuing the rehabilitation that he’s been doing on that, that he does on a daily basis anyway, and some medicine, that it would start to feel better," Holmgren added.

"But Chris saw the doctor yesterday and had another MRI, and we just decided that this was the time to go ahead and get this taken care of. Some of the loose bodies in there are becoming a little bit of an issue, and we felt it was better to get it taken care of now,” Holmgren said.

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