Public health experts at Queen's Park are hopeful we can avoid a third wave and a third lockdown.

Dr. David Williams is the chief medical officer of health.

"We're in a precarious time. We're trying to get our vaccine supplies back up and get our program of vaccinations up to full speed as soon as we can. We're doing the best we can. We're seeing evidence of our program of reducing deaths in long-term care homes. It's a start. We're getting there," he said, during Thursday's briefing.

Dr. Steini Brown leads the scientists advising the provincial government and he says the arrival of coronavirus variants puts the province in a precarious place.

"We are, let me be clear, operating with uncertainty. That is the nature of a new disease with new variants. We need to do as much as we can to reduce that uncertainty," he said, during the media briefing Thursday.

Public health experts are encouraging people not to travel and to follow public health measures in an effort to help prevent the spread.

After the 28-day province-wide shutdown was extended last week, the district will go into the yellow category in Ontario's public health framework starting Tuesday.

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