Kenora continues to have problems regarding parking. The two hour parking limit outside of Knox United Church has recently become an issue for the Knox Quilters who have been parking there for the past 14 years. Marion Wright of the Knox Quilters made a deputation before council to see how they could carry on so that the quilters could park close to the church.

"How can we go forward so that these ladies once again can have parking closer to that side door of the church so they can bring their machines in a continue this practice that they've been doing for 14 years," she said.

She added that she was confused as to why they were getting tickets, after having parked there for many years.

"First of all there's a curiosity as to why, after fourteen years, they are beginning to be ticketed,"she said.

Rick Perchuk, operations manager for the city says that if they were to allow more than two hour parking, it would cause problems.

"I do not see changing the parking in elimination of the two hour zone, as it would nowhere allow for that usage," he said.

"I believe that people would start moving back into that zone, parking all day and it wouldn't give any kind of turnover of that traffic," he added.

He also says that they can not issue a parking pass to the quilters because it would result in other organizations asking for ticket exemptions.