Scott Green (R) from Anicinabe Park stands with the latest contributor to help raise the stage, Jamey Mymko (L) from Oakwood Roofing.

The idea to 'raise the stage' at Anicinabe Park in Kenora came from the amount of events held at Anicinabe without the proper...well, stage and the park being such a great setting for it all!  Scott Green, who runs the park put the wheels in motion last summer and a date of June 21st of this summer has been set as the inaugural grand opening.  That being said, there is still a stage to be built, and you can help!  Whether you're a business looking to help out by donating materials or labor or whether you're an individual looking to help dig a hole or hammer a nail, you're more than welcome to come on board.  Many hands will certainly make light work in this case, and what a great idea for Kenora to lend a hand to!  The project has already received a huge hand up and out from Boreal Design Studio in the design of the stage, C.J. Edwards & Son LTD with equipment, Weyerhaeuser Kenora for materials and just before I headed out to meet with Scott at Anicinabe, Jayme Mymko of Oakwood Roofing had beat me there to offer himself and crew to apply the shingles and supply the materials to make it happen.  If this sounds like a project you'd like to be apart of, now's the time! Let's do this!  Visit the 'Raise the Stage' event page now on facebook here for all the details.


Raise the Stage