Members of Shoal Lake #40 First Nation’s COVID-19 Pandemic Planing Team have been able to secure a new rapid COVID-19 test machine for the community.

The ID NOW rapid testing machine can produce results within 15 minutes through a nasal swab, and uses isothermal technology and constant temperature controls to achieve the fasts available results.

Registered Nurse Rachel Fair from Shoal Lake #40 and a member of the pandemic team received hands-on training on the ID NOW rapid testing machine at a Winnipeg microbiology lab.

The community says they were able to meet Health Canada’s criteria to receive the machine as they’re uniquely in between both Ontario and Manitoba, have a number of major projects underway in the area, and haven’t had clean water for over 20 years.

“The rapid testing provides the team and community relief, should the community face another outbreak,” wrote members of the Pandemic Planning team. Two cases of COVID-19 were found in the community in early November.

“The quick actions of the pandemic planning team had resulted in keeping the previous outbreak contained in one home. Next steps are to work with our health partners to develop a training and roll out plan.”

The ID NOW point-of-care test machine has been used since 2014 to detect influenza, strep and respiratory viruses. A COVID-19 test was developed earlier this year throughout the pandemic.

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