The Sunset Country Razorbacks traveled to Manitoba over the weekend to play in the AAA North America Hockey Classic for the 2011 birthyear silver division. They won gold after they went undeafeated over the entire weekend.

The North American Hockey Classic (NAHC) is known as the premier youth AAA hockey series in North America. The series is located in Winnipeg, and it provides female and male hockey players to compete against some of the best players from Canada, the United States and even Europe (although this year due to COVID-19 it was restricted to teams from Western Canada and northwestern Ontario).

The Razorbacks team is made up of kids from Kenora, Dryden, Sioux lookout and Red Lake. Highest overall points of the team was Kai Dingwall. Team members were amazed to see how well the arenas managed, under the new restrictions. Team members, families and everyone involved worked hard to keep the kids and their families safe.

(Submitted by the Razorbacks)