This week's REMR Roofing Person of the Week is Lindsay Frenette!

Lindsay was nominated by Carla Cranston, who wrote in part:

"Lindsay (Mrs. Frenette) taught two of my children many years ago. She was a warm and caring teacher and made such an impression, especially on my oldest son Scott. She has been retired for a number of years and I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with her. In speaking with her, I discovered that she continues to supply teach, does volunteer reading with kids and fosters a young child. How's that for a quiet retirement? My hat is off to Lindsay for all she does to made kids feel loved and cared for"

For being nominated, Lindsay receives a $25 gift card for the Log Cabin Tavern, and for her nomination, Carla receives one, too! But Carla has chosen to give her gift card to Lindsay! 

Nominate someone special in your life for REMR Roofing Person of the Week!  We pick another winner next Monday