As the province moves into a lockdown tomorrow, Kenora - Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford talks about border crossings.

"Manitoba is still under a significant lockdown. Obviously, we're under a more strict one, and the powers we've given the police -- and other provincial officers can certainly deal with any congregates outdoors or any situations that evolve, whether the person's from Ontario or not, to make inquiries as to what their business is here," he said yesterday, during a media briefing. 

The MPP is also a senior member of provincial cabinet, and he's addressing the concerns of residents about border crossings.

Both the minister and the medical officer of health, Dr. Kit Young Hoon, have said cases of the coronavirus are being spread within communities in the northwest, and visitors from Manitoba or Minnesota aren't to blame for the recent surge in cases.

Public Health Orders in Manitoba have been extended to Friday, Jan. 22, and they will continue to restrict gatherings at private residences and allow critical retailers to only sell essential items.

"The policy lever that we're enacting right now -- the stay at home order and a number of other conditions -- makes this a place that should not be somewhere that people should consider coming to," the minister continued.

The American border also remains closed, during the pandemic.

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