Kenora Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford provided a bit of an update on twinning the highway between Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba. He said progress is being made.

"Suffice to say we have made significant progress with community groups who have been unfairly treated by the previous Liberal government --and the current government-- in terms of allowing the previous $100 million that was originally earmarked to walk out of this riding, and twin another section of the highway and bridge upgrades in another part of Ontario. Now, I don't begrudge them that, but we worked hard to get that $100 million" he said.

He also provided a bit of a timeline for their next big update on the project.

"We're looking forward to that moving ahead. We've had some very encouraging news in the last couple of weeks. I'm hopeful that within a month we'll have an update in the form of a very important announcement that will allow us to begin the competitive process, and more importantly shovels in the ground," he said.

Rickford said that the twinning of the TransCanada has been built into a separate funding envelope from general road, highway, and bridge infrastructure funding.

"The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario is squarely seized of the implementation of that. It's identified as line item in their bigger budget," he said.

The twinning of the highway has been a big discussion topic in Northwestern Ontario for quite a number of years.

"And as the winter closes in on us, I don't want another winter to go by where people don't see real work being done on that highway," Rickford said.

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Folks can look forward to twinning, Rickford