The Northwestern Health Unit says those that shopped at a number of unnamed businesses in Dryden between March 9 and March 24 could have been exposed to COVID-19.

The health unit says they identified there was a low level risk of COVID-19 exposure in many business locations throughout Dryden between March 9 and March 24.

All individuals who had high risk exposure to COVID-19 have been notified and given specific instructions.

The health unit adds that anyone who has shopped in Dryden since March 9 who has developed cold or flu like symptoms may have been infected with COVID-19 without knowing it.

The prepared release went out to say, "if you or anyone in your household has developed even one symptom of COVID-19 since March 16, 2021, the whole household must self-isolate immediately and get tested. This includes those whose symptoms have improved as they can still spread the virus to others."

If pending test results show evidence of spread within a business where the public may have been at risk, NWHU will release this information to the public.