As of 6:00am Thursday, May 26:

Hwy 105 - Red Lake, at Dixie Lake Rd. lanes are alternating for barrier work. Traffic control is in place.

Hwy 105 - Vermilion Bay, Closed at Buller Creek due to water over the road.

Sioux Lookout, the Ed Ariano By-Pass is closed from First Ave. to Hwy 642 Jct due to water over the road and related damage. Barricades in place with a detour available to Passenger Vehicles ONLY, using Wellington, Front, 3rd, King, Alcona to connect to Hwys 516 and 642. Non-essential Commercial Vehicles can use Hwy 599

Hwy 605, Dryden, Hwy is fully closed due to multiple locations with water over the road.

Quibell Rd. - Vermilion Bay, Hwy 609/Quibell Rd. closed to commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. Passenger vehicles and school buses only.

Hwy 17, Vermilion Bay, Near Rhyner's Rd , there is water over the road

Blue Lake Loop Road – Vermilion Bay, between Hwy 647 Jct and Quibell Rd is closed.

Hwy 599 - Ignace, Starting near Flayer's Rd. working northerly lanes will be alternated at various locations during moving washout repair operations.