As of 6:00am Friday, May 27:

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure wants to advise people not to travel into the Whiteshell Provincial Park area. Many highways are flooded, making travel conditions treacherous. Flood Warning in Effect for Winnipeg River and Whiteshell Lakes Area.

Hwy 105 - Red Lake, at Dixie Lake Rd. lanes are alternating for barrier work. Traffic control is in place.

Hwy 105 - Vermilion Bay, Closed at Buller Creek due to water over the road.

Sioux Lookout, the Ed Ariano By-Pass is closed from First Ave. to Hwy 642 Jct due to water over the road and related damage. Barricades in place with a detour available to Passenger Vehicles ONLY, using Wellington, Front, 3rd, King, Alcona to connect to Hwys 516 and 642. Non-essential Commercial Vehicles can use Hwy 599

Hwy 605, Dryden, Hwy is fully closed due to multiple locations with water over the road.

Quibell Rd. - Vermilion Bay, Hwy 609/Quibell Rd. closed to commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. Passenger vehicles and school buses only.

Hwy 17, Vermilion Bay, Near Rhyner's Rd , there is water over the road

Blue Lake Loop Road – Vermilion Bay, between Hwy 647 Jct and Quibell Rd is closed.

Hwy 599 - Ignace, Starting near Flayer's Rd. working northerly lanes will be alternated at various locations during moving washout repair operations.