Members of Dryden's Rotary Club visited New Prospect School earlier this week.
(Courtesy Beverly Robinson Photography)

Members of the Rotary Club of Dryden visited the New Prospect School on Wednesday, to see the school's Learning Initiatives New Knowledge (LINK) in action. Students in the LINK program learn valuable life skills such as cooking, as they make breakfast and lunch for the students.

The school invited the Rotary Club for a lunch, where they were welcomed by student Thomas Leveque.

New Prospect student Thomas Leveque welcomed their special guests.

After lunch, the group then toured the school, learning about their initiatives with the students, as well as the new gardens they are working on.

New Prospect gardens in construction with help from Dryden High School and Rotarians in Dryden.

The Rotary Club raises money to promote many worthwhile causes, in areas such as education, health and community development.

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