You may have noticed the roundabout has gotten a little more colourful. That's because Harbourtown BIZ recently donated $1,000 to plant flowers in the roundabout. The president of Harbourtown BIZ, Lisa Lyle, says they're very happy with the outcome.

"It looks fantastic. It look really good. We're so excited. It looks really good, and with the sign welcoming everybody. Yeah, it's a great way to come into town," she said.

Lyle says they wanted to add some colour in to the already beautiful view from the Harbourfront.

"I think it just shows that you care. That you want to make it look pretty for everybody that's coming into town. I mean, you've got the gorgeous view of the Harbourfront and --I don't know --  it's just nice to see colour and flowers make everybody happy," she said.

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