For the first time since 2012 Burton Cummings will be performing live on the Kenora Harbourfront at the Kick Off to Summer Concert. Terry Stiles and Russ Percy are two members of opening act Satan and the D-men. Percy remembers when Burton Cummings came to Kenora in the sixty's.

"Burton came down to Kenora back in the sixty's -- back when we were playing as kids-- and he came from Winnipeg and we got a long fairly good with him. He was a really good keyboard player, and he had a little liking for Kenora," he said.

Back in the sixty's Satan and the D-men were considered one of the top ten bands in Winnipeg. Percy talks about the bands early years.

"We didn't actually play together. I played in a band called the Excels and he played in a band called the Tempests and we disliked each other so much. We competed with each other. So, it was like this competition went on constantly. We didn't like each other, but what happened was we became buddies. So when we ended up in Winnipeg we became a really tight group," he said.

Percy hopes their brand of old rock and roll will bring a little nostalgia to the Kenora audience. It's been two years since Satan and the D-men have taken the stage together, and Percy adds when they were asked to open for Burton Cummings it was a quick yes from the group.

It all takes place under the white cap pavilion on Saturday May 30. Doors open at 6 o'clock.

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