#lifejacketliving.  Lifejackets must be worn to save lives.

Did you know that the first modern lifejackets were invented in the 1850's and were made of cork? Did you know that each year in Canada, approximately 520 Canadians die needlessly in water related fatalities? Tomorrow, Thursday May 14th is National Lifejacket Day, an initiative through the Canadian Red Cross.  Because many Canadians will get gearing up to enjoy a full summer on the lake, this is the perfect time to remind everyone that the the most important piece of gear..is your lifejackets. Whether you're in, on or around water this summer, lifejackets must be wornk to save lives.


The Canadian Red Cross is reaching out to all Canadians and asking that you participate in National Lifejacket Day by sharing your photos via social media using the hashtag #lifejacketliving. For more details on this initiative put forth through the Canadian Red Cross, visit the website here.