Yesterday at the opening of the new Wildlife Rescue Exhibit at the Discovery Centre, it was hard to pick a favourite. But for Thomas Poulin, the choice was obvious. The slithery, multi-coloured corn snake was the main attraction.

"So far, I'm actually liking this part, because I got to pet a constrictor," he said. "I have also had a longer snake around my neck. Probably around two metres."

His friend Peter Strutzenberger agreed.

"You got to touch a snake. It's really cool," he said with a grin. "I really like that."

Science North CEO Guy Labine made the special trip, so he could be on hand to open the display.

"We would like to do be able to repeat this on an ongoing basis. Obviously, having the support of the federal government through MP and minister (Greg) Rickford, has been vital," he said, noting help from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund.

"It's an expensive exhibit to tour. It's large. You're only seeing half of it. In fact, it's 6,000 sq. ft., so we have four locations in northern Ontario that are going to get half of it," Labine added.

Admission to the Wildlife Rescue Exhibit is free, but you are urged to make a donation to help the Discovery Centre continue to offer incredible exhibits and displays.

Wildlife Rescue is open May 25 to July 5.