The Municipality of Sioux Lookout is being recognized. The city in conjunction with JR Counsin Consultants LTD of Winnipeg have won the 2015 Association of Consulting Engineering Companies Award of Excellence. The award is for the city's new design for the water treatment plant wastewater treatment process.

"The Municipality was very pleased with the high quality and innovative engineering design and project management provided by JR Cousin Consulting Ltd. on the Water Treatment Plant Process Wastewater Treatment Project," said municipal CAO, Ann Mitchell. "We are calling this the ‘Backwash Treatment Project’ as the official engineering handle is quite a mouthful!"

The project was spurred by the fact that almost 19 per cent of the water treated in the Municipality's Water Treatment Plant was being 'rejected' as part of the filtering process. At full design capacity, this represents approximately 370,000 gallons of potable water being sent to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

"The outcome of this project has yielded a two-fold benefit: increased capacity at the water treatment plant and a load reduction at the sewage treatment plant. The new system will reduce the amount of reject process water from 19% to 4.7%, which, at full design capacity, represents nearly 1,050m3 per day. Instead of this water being directed to the sewage plant, it is being treated to become potable water. The additional sewage treatment and collection capacity gained by the treatment of the process wastewater will extend the service life of the system by several years," said municipal engineer, Peter Moyer.

In addition to the efficiencies and cost-savings realized by the innovative design of the Backwash Treatment Project, and thanks to JR Cousin Consulting Ltd., the Municipality was also able to install a UV disinfection system for the entire Water Treatment Plant.

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