The reopening of the Mount Evergreen Ski Hill has been delayed due to warmer weather in the area.

President of the Mount Evergreen Ski Hill, Blair McCallum, says they’re now aiming to open up on December 28, but it’s not guaranteed.

“For our snow-making system, we absolutely need temperatures that are 10 or colder. It needs time to freeze and make that snow. The system is actually shutdown right now, but we hope to fire it back up again next week.”

McCallum adds they’re working closely with the Northwestern Health Unit to make sure everything remains safe, and he says that the ski hill is considered one of the safest places to experience outdoor activities in the area.

In a normal year, the ski hill opens for about four months per year. But resort operations were postponed in March at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, McCallum says the year hasn’t been a total loss.

“We have almost doubled what we normally have for membership sales in a year. That has a lot to do with people that would normally go away for a ski trip, and they’re staying here. But people are really looking for those activities they can do this winter. We are going to be open in a fun, family-focused environment.”

After some funding from the Ontario government last December, the ski hill is also hoping to become a year-round destination to bring more visitors into the area over the winter months.

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