Slo-pitch is back in Kenora!

Ontario is now in Stage 3 of reopening the economy, which allows team sports and live sporting events.

Both the Days Inn men's and women's slo-pitch leagues are underway as of this week, with some new regulations and precautionary measures set in place.

Women's league coordinator Megan Derouard talked about starting up the season. 

"There was so much unknown, if there would be even be a season at all, due to the safety around all the different stages of reopening the economy. But along with stage 3 came allowing more people, so 50 to 100 people depending on if you're indoors or outdoors. So that gave us an opportunity to sit down and see if we could get any sort of a league going," she said.

New regulations include no use of the dugouts, sanitizing the game ball between innings, sanitizing bats, restricting end-of-game hand shaking, and immediately upon the completion of the game all members will leave the diamond area.

Spectators are allowed to attend games, but must remember to maintain two metres apart.

For more information;

COVID Return to Play Guidelines