The Lake of the Woods Snow Maze, created by the Roving Route, has a new location this year. 

The snow maze is now set up on the ice near the shore of Darlington Bridge on the Winnipeg River. Jackie Aggio and her partner Derek have constructed the maze and say the location change was due to concerns of traveling far on the ice road. 

"Last year we heard comments that some people weren't comfortable going on the ice road. We wanted to offer easy access. We also wanted to showcase another part of town that you may not take a second look at," said Aggio 

Access to the maze is just off of Darlington Drive south of the bridge. 

The snow maze has three routes this year and is available for use to everyone, but visitors to the maze are reminded of social distancing and mask-wearing. Last year, the snow maze experience was put on hold as the walls were damaged and disrespected. Aggio reminds us that this is a community project and asks kindly for visitors to respect the site. 

"It's a free outdoor activity. We want everyone to have access to the snow maze at one point or another. Please respect the walls and the areas around. Please clean up after yourself," said Aggio. 

"This entire area is a fun-filled family location. We want to thank the person who came out and ploughed a road directly to the maze. I think that was so amazing. So thank you for partaking and contributing to the maze,"

She adds that the maze is a community involvement project and she encourages anyone who would like to help clear snow or even build a snowman around to do so. 

They ask for you to take photos while at the snow maze this winter and share and tag @rovingroute on Facebook or @therovingroute on Instagram. 

Jackie joined Ken and Kim on Tuesday's Q Morning Show. Listen below!