Should Kenora City Council take another look at the inequality of services for those within Kenora who live outside the boundaries of the garbage pickup service?  

Suzan Cone, a Kenora Resident who has been sparking change within the Kenora City Council over the past few weeks, is bringing to light the differences in municipal services for urban residents compared to those living in the more rural parts of the city.  

Cone is a leading member of the North of the Bypass Property Owners group and has been fighting to get more funding for the flooded areas and neglected roads north of the Kenora Bypass.  

A deputation was made to Council at the beginning of June by Cone on behalf of the group, since then, Council has provided funds and staff to repair large sections of the affected areas.  

Despite what looks to be a light at the end of a tunnel for the flooding situation, Cone said the group is not done advocating for the residents north of the bypass.  

The group aims to get a few new faces on Council in this upcoming election so that hopefully, more issues can be resolved for residents who don’t receive the same quantity/quality of services because of their location despite paying no fewer taxes than an urban resident.  

In an interview with KenoraOnline, Cone brought up the fact that not all residents in Kenora are entitled to receive the same garbage service. All residents pay $2.50 per bag of garbage, however, not all residents are entitled to free pick up by the City of Kenora.  

“They say the whole garbage issue is self-funded by the $2.50 tag, but what they don’t say is how they fund the free pickup service for everybody. We all pay $2.50 for our stinky garbage, but some people, in addition, get free pick up,” explained Cone. 

“How is that funded?” 

Cone says it's unfair that not everyone is able to get a service that supposedly, everyone pays for.  

“They forget that not everyone gets the same service, everyone pays the same but 50% of people get a service that the other 50% don’t, and they are not supposed to be upset about it?” 

“This is the kind of kaleidoscope thinking that has been sitting there in Council for so many years, they don’t even realize its illogical.” 

“It's just another point, everything needs to be reconsidered a little bit. Hopefully, with some new faces on Council, that is a thing that can be brought up and changed,” concluded Cone.