If you don't first succeed, try, try, again.

Speedway promoter Anthony Leek is hopeful they can get racing in this weekend.

"After two rainouts in a row we're going to try this again this Sunday," confirms Leek.

"It's going to be Meet the Drivers.  We'll have hot laps which starts at 4:00, and then we'll have the drivers come up to the front stretch, and then the fans will be able to meet some of the drivers and have a chance to talk to them."

Leek adds there are perks if you want to get up close and personal with the drivers.

"You can collect a hero card, maybe some candy.  Who knows what they have to offer.  Then they're going to have a chance to vote on who their favorite driver is."

Leek estimates racing will get underway around 4:45 Sunday afternoon after hot laps and the meet and greet.