Spring at Central Park  in Kenora

This week's sunny skies created a flood at Central Park, where this ball diamond will take awhile to dry out.

Over at the Robertson Road ramp, some off-roaders couldn't wait for the opportunity to have a little fun, even if it meant getting a little wet.

Ice angler had to hurry, though, so they could rescue their huts before it was too late.

The ski hill was pretty quiet, despite the March Break. Volunteers hoped to have it back in operation over the weekend, though, so they could have their year-end Slush Pit.

Motorists along First Street had to slow down, so they didn't soak pedestrians.

They also had to watch for the many potholes that pop up this time of year.

Fortunately, city crews have been on patrol filling them in.

Golfing season may be a long way off but boating season may be just around the corner.