The 2020-2021 school year was a hard one for many students, with many students in virtual learning for the year.  Despite the challenges, St. Thomas Aquinas High School (STAHS) students had many academic achievements to celebrate! 

On Thursday, October 14, 2021, STAHS hosted a virtual event that families and classes could view, so that they could celebrate the many academic achievements of students from the 2020-2021 school year. 

Anwyn Friesen Kroeker was asked how she found the previous school year, “It was a lot of work, yeah, especially with it being online. It was definitely a lot harder."

“I think the first time that we went online last year there was like a period of getting used to it, even though it was a pretty short period, but the second time around, it seemed that they had it mostly sorted out, so it was a lot more regular," she continued. 

When Kaelyn Stasus was asked what advice she would give to students, this is what she said, “I just say focus on yourself.  Your mental health is most important.  Your grades will follow if you believe in yourself."

“I had to do a lot more studying and a lot more asking questions.  I had to really pay attention and it was very easy to lose focus," she said when asked about the difference between grade 8 and grade 9. 

Maxwell Froese was asked if he was happy to return to in-person classes, this is what he said, “It's very nice to see everybody’s peers again: friends, sports, of course, not necessarily being able to spectate live, but being able to watch it live is very [awesome].  It's a new experience and preparing for the sports season ahead is also quite fun, so [it] is quite awesome to be back."

The Principal’s Medals award winners are as follows: 

Grade 11 Principal’s Medalists: 

  • GOLD – Maxwell Froese (95.857) 
  • SILVER – Emilia Mastromatteo (95) 
  • BRONZE – Cloe Hintz (94.42857) 

Grade 10 Principal’s Medalists: 

  • GOLD – Anwyn Friesen Kroeker (98)  
  • SILVER – Emma Godbout (97)  
  • BRONZE – Colby Wallace (95.25) 

Grade 9 Principal’s Medalists:  

  • GOLD - Kaelyn Stasus (96.111)  
  • SILVER – Wonara Hatharasinghage (95.25)  
  • BRONZE – Annika Carlson-Booth (94.75) 

First Nation Achievement Award:

  • Grade 9 - Jake Kakekapetum
  • Grade 10 - Emma Godbout
  • Grade 11 - Isaiah Kakekapetum

First Nation Congeniality Award:

  • Grade 9 - Amy Sinclair
  • Grade 10 - Emma Godbout
  • Grade 11 - Isaiah Kakekapetum