The Lake of the Woods Ice Patrol has once again been up over the water. Pilot Tim Armstrong flew over the lake yesterday. He says while the ice is gone near town, there's still a lot left on the lake.

"There's quite a lot. Out past Scotty's Island there's quite a lot of ice. I have friends with a cottage on Middle Island and I don't think they can get out to it yet. Other areas that are still frozen are Big Stone Bay and the Manitou is rotten ice, but it's still ice. South of the Barrier Islands there's ice too," he said.

Armstrong added that this isn't the earliest the ice has been out. But it's the fastest he's ever seen it melt.

"It's been very quick. This recent warm spell has made a huge difference. It's melting faster than I expected. I took a look at the situation back on April the 25 and at that time I was calling for May 5 for it to be 100 per cent ice clear. But it's just around the corner. This weekend I think we might see the very last hold out," he said.

Armstrong runs the blog Lake of the Woods Ice Patrol to keep permanent and summer residents up to date on when they can get out to their cabins.

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