The Parenting class at Beaver Brae were visited by a midwife yesterday. Bekkie Vineberg is a Registered Midwife with Kenora Midwives. She explains why she thought it was important to talk to the class.

"Kenora is one of the few communities in northwestern Ontario that has midwives. So not every community has access to this kind of presentation. Not everyone is aware that midwifery exists and is a viable career option and that women have a choice when they're pregnant between having a physician or a midwife. So it's important to that education, and community mobilization to make sure the midwifery is well known and well understood," she said.

Jennifer Mash says she also invited some of her older students, who are considering a career in midwifery.

"A couple of my senior students came in today because they're thinking about going into that field. So they came in to listen to Bekkie and hear about what they need as far as education and to see if that interest is still there," she said.

Teacher Kerry Waterson also visited the class, she is 33 weeks pregnant, and agreed to let the children hear her baby's heart beat.