Judges topped the list in terms of salary in the region.

The 2022 Sunshine list of public employees earning over $100,000 a year was released.

Justice David Gibson topped the list at $354,000 thousand, followed by Jennifer Hoshizaki at $347,000.

Dr. Kit Young Hoon, the medical officer of health for the Northwestern Health Unit claimed $323,000.

Even in retirement, Dr. Kerry McDonald the pathologist at Lake of the Woods District Hospital was near the top at $320,000.

He retired back in December.

In terms of local school boards, almost all teachers with more than 10 years of service earned more than $100,000 with the director of education at the Kenora Catholic School Board, Nicole Kurtz making $157,000.

In the City of Kenora, Chief Administrative Officer Kyle Attanasio topped the list at $171,000 and Brent Tookenay the CEO at the Seven Generations Education Institute earned $176,000 last year.