This week is Survivor Week at St. Thomas Aquinas. Students will take part in various events including, Chalkapalooza, a dance, Sell-a-Saint and a bake sale.

Teacher Nicole Lentz explains where Survivor Week came from.

"Back a few years we lost a really incredible student, Richelle Giasson. She lost a really courage battle with leukemia and her group of friends was left behind and feeling pretty hopeless. They felt they needed to do something to turn that around and they wanted her to be remember in a positive way," she said.

So they cam together and invented Survivor Week. Every day students can participate in different activities.

"Happy to say we have what we consider Northwestern Ontario's biggest bake sale. Then on Tuesday we have one of our more famous events, Sell-a-Saint. Our male athletes will be offering their services to clean out cars and lockers and gym storage. We also have Chalkapalooza where students and staff pay to chalk a sidewalk square in memory of someone who's past away, in honour of someone who's fighting cancer or in awe of someone who's beaten cancer," said Lentz.

She explains where the money will be going.

"The money again this year will go to the Canadian Cancer Society. I think we're approaching the $20,000 mark for Survivor Weeks in total. We're hoping this year to bust the $6,500 mark that would put us at about one of our highest amounts so far in the history of Survivor Week," said Lentz.

Survivor Week schedule:

Monday, April 27  11-1:00 in the foyer

Tuesday, April 28
- It's Jersey Day so students & staff will pay 2$ and wear a jersey to support their favourite sport/team.
- SELL A SAINT Day. Come out as we auction off our grade 10-12 Saints athletes, alumni & staff to the highest bidder from 11:30 - 1:00. The winning bidders get to have the assistance of their purchased Saint(s) for the whole day on Friday!

Wednesday, April 29
- It's the Survivor Week Scavenger Hunt.
- Partners will pay $5 and try to find all of the items on their list the fastest.

Thursday, April 30
- It's Chalkapalooza! Students and staff will pay $2 to chalk a sidewalk square out front in memory of someone who lost their battle, in awe of someone who won their battle or in support of someone who is currently fighting cancer.
- Survivor Week Dance where students will light up the night in the fight against cancer.  From 7-10pm they will dance the night away in their best neon, fluorescent and glowing outfits. Admission is 5$ but signed in guests are free!

Friday, May 1
- The Saints who were sold on Tuesday will be dressed up, decked out and doing their tasks all day today.  It's also HAT DAY where staff & students can wear their hats all day if they pay $2.
- Teacher Lock Up will be the highlight of the day as classes try to outbid each other so they can lock up their teachers in the foyer while they get a fun free period.

Monday, May 4 11:45-12:45
- The Hair Raiser. Come out and watch as Madame Hercun, Char Boucha and Dylan Harty all generously donate their locks to help those who are fighting cancer! Donations are accepted right up until after the last snip so bring your piggy banks!

For more information:
Survivor Week raises $2,400 in first day
Survivor Week begins at TA