A record breaking 22 members of the Kenora Swimming Sharks qualified and traveled to the Prairie Winter International Swim Meet in Winnipeg this past weekend. Over 370 swimmers from Canada, the US and even as far away as
Denmark came together to compete for top honors.

Many of our KSS swimmers earned the right to race in finals. These included:
* Kira Kuzemchuk
* Socorro Galusha
* Clara Rogers
* Alex Olsen
* Sarah Frankcom
* Ronan Cameron
* Kayla Martin
* Keely Mash
* Olivia Friesen-Kroeker
* Gabe Mastromatteo
* JC Drygasiuk

Medals were earned by:
1. Conor O'Flaherty - one silver
2. Michelle Balcaen - two gold
3. Winnie Boucha - one bronze, two silver and two gold
4. Bryce Jones - two silver and three gold.

(Submitted by  Colleen Jones)