The Ontario Energy Board has approved an increase in rates for Synergy North.

The impact on residential customer bills will be an increase of $4.55 or 3.98% for Thunder Bay and $3.75 or 3.14% for Kenora monthly.

Meanwhile small business customers will see an increase of $27.33 (9.13%) and $10.20 (3.61%) monthly.

In a release Synergy North says all residential and small business customers under the regulated price plan are using tiered pricing, which is base on their preference.

Those looking to switch to the Ultra Low Pricing plan must contact the utility.

Changes to the rates took effect on May 1st and will be reflected on most bills by the end of the month, according to the utility.

Synergy North is also seeking input from customers regarding rate increases for 2024 and are asking customers to complete an online survey to help the utility identify needs and preferences for its Draft Investment Plan.