Synergy North is preparing for the possibility of numerous power outages, as the result of a massive spring storm expecting to sweep across Northwestern Ontario starting on Wednesday (April 12, 2022).

An estimated 30-50 cm of snow is expected to fall over the course of two days, 70km/h wind gusts, mixed with sub-zero temperatures could see many customers lose power.

“In terms of preparation we have system control and crews on standby, as well as our customer service team who is fully aware of what the day can potentially bring,” said Christina Groulx, Public Relations and Communications Synergy North.

“We need to wait and see what happens with this storm and how it evolves, but I can assure you that our crews will be working as safely and efficiently as possible.”

Groulx noted that a lot of different weather factors come into play to force a power outage.

“Each storm has its own mind and will. You naturally will have some fallen trees for example some fallen trees, some debris, potentially interference with wires.”

“Storms often bring those high winds and powerful or heavy snow, which can potentially cause power outages, but at the end of the day that’s what we're here for and that’s what we’re built for.”

Though the rough estimate of customer power outages can’t be determined, Groulx wants residents to be prepared for the worst in the event their power does go out.

“It’s always good to have essential supplies close by such as flashlights, blankets, and generators are always a good option if you have one on hand.”

She is advising residents to use Synergy North’s power outage map that provided details on the outage with an estimated restoration time.

In the event, residents lose electricity they can also report a power outage by reporting online or calling 1-833-428-1451.