The Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation held the granting ceremony yesterday for its Youth in Philanthropy program.

Students from St. Thomas Aquinas and Beaver Brae handed out $4,000 in total. Grade 12 student Rory Stouffer explains why she joined the group.

"I was really interested in the group because it was a chance to expand ourselves outside the school community and look at the whole town and see what we could do. We could put our voices together and so something to really benefit our community," she said.

The Agape Table through Knox United Church was one of the two Beaver Brae cheque recipients. They received $1,000 dollars. Jan Richardson explains where the money will be going.

"Well I'm going to go out and buy peanut butter and bread and vegetables and meat. Not just that, I'm going to get oranges and bananas because they go over so well. I'm also going to get real milk because when we first started up we had to use that powdered stuff," she said.

The Kenora Fellowship Centre received the other $1,000 from the Broncos. Stouffer explains how they made that decision.

"The Fellowship Centre was a pretty quick decision because we heard about the closing of their emergency shelter. The Agape Table, we were trying to decide if we wanted to do two oganizations but we chose the Agape Table because we felt they really needed it right now," she said.

TA students handed out four cheques of $500 each to Iggy's Widldlife Rehabilitation Centre, the Minto Parents Child Resource Centre, Women's Place Kenora and the Cat Shelter.  

Collette Surovy from Women's Place Kenora, explains where the money will be going.

"The money will be going to our community gardening program. We have 12 square foot gardens for individual women on a first come first serve basis," she said.

Surovy says they have a few trees that need to be removed so the gardens get more sunlight.

Grade 12 TA student Maddie Gilfix explains why she joined the Philanthropy program.

"It's really rewarding to see all the charities and being able to help them," she said.

Kaylyn Hamlyn was on hand to accept the cheque on behalf of the cat shelter. She talked about how the shelter has helped cats over the years.

"We have helped 1,781 cats over the past 12 years. We usually take in 100 cats a year and adopt out as many," she said.