Today is Earth Day! People across the world will be celebrating this amazing planet we call home.

At St. Thomas Aquinas Grade 7 students were learning about watersheds and why they're important for the environment. Here's student Maggie Moyer.

"I think it's important because a watershed helps prevent things like flooding and drainage into the houses. So I think it's more important for our environment to have this so all the water we don't use and could wreck houses goes into bigger lakes," she said.

Halle Tyrrel explains what exactly a watershed is.

"A watershed is actually a water source that leads to two rivers or a river. Then once they get attached again they will lead to a big lake that will eventually go to an ocean. That's a good watershed," she said.

Fellow Grade 7 student Ashley Finck talks about their model.

We built houses and soil around it to absorb the water if the water comes near it or breaks a hole in the barrier," she said.

Other schools are celebrating by bringing less garbage in their lunch, having a vegan back sale or just talking about the environment.

From left, Halle Tyrrel, Maggie Moyer and Ashley Finck work on their watershed project.

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