St. Thomas Aquinas High School's 9th vocal show is opening on Wednesday, April 22. The Classic Rock themed show will feature a live band and 25 singers and band members. The Director of Musical Studies at TA Darcy Ura explains how they choose their performers.

"We started in the fall, we do our auditions, and our audition process is a blind audition. So, it's kind of like the voice where we don't see the singers, they just sing behind a screen and then we make our choices based on that. Then after Christmas we start giving out the songs and getting the kids to sing them and picking what song suits their voice best. That's our usual process," he said.

Ura said one of the great things is taking the songs and performing them in a unique way.

"I think the great thing is we have a lot of alumni that come back and watch the shows, because they're still excited to see whats going to happen. I think we take some of the songs and we do them in our own way and that's a great thing for the audience. Just to have that kind of feedback from the community and past students is a great thing for the present students," he said.

Ura couldn't spoil which songs would be performed but did say they would be all the great classic rock hits.

"Well, I don't want to give away which classic rock numbers we're going to do but they're going to be the biggest ones in the classic rock genre I can tell you that. As usual we're going to have a live band. We have 20 numbers in the show and we have 25 singers and band members," he said.

Doors will open at 6 o'clock and the show begins at 7 o'clock sharp. Admission is $5, and all proceeds go towards the music department to help with transportation costs during school trips.

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