There was something for everyone at the Alzheimer Society's Taste of Kenora last night. The event features appetizers, entrees, and desserts from some of the finest chefs and restaurants Kenora has to offer.

Associate Professor at Lakehead University, Dr. Elaine Wiersma was the guest speaker. She says the main issue for those who suffer with dementia is the stigma surrounding the diagnosis.

"Well I think people living with dimension are often just seen as their diagnosis and assumptions are made about how they think and feel and process information. When in fact their lives are very much affected by stigma. So it's very important that we take a step back and see them as people and not just a label of dementia," she said.

Wiersma added that people living with dementia are the ones with the diagnosis, and while it affects families as well, we can't forget to support those people living with the disease.

Office and Event Coordinator for the Alzheimer Society for the Kenora Rainy River District Rossana Tomashowski says the goal of all their events is to raise awareness.

"You know when we have these events we bring so much awareness, and each time we do an event --a walk or a Taste of Kenora-- we create more awareness to the public. As much as we tell everybody about the disease people are still now aware and we'll help you and guide you through your journey with you're loved ones," she said.

For the first time in the history of the Taste of Kenora, the Lake of the Woods Inn and Conference Centre generously donated their conference room and services for the event. Fifty-five per-cent of the Alzheimer Society's funding comes from community support and donations.

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