Shayna White shows off her phone in Kenora Wednesday afternoon.

Some cell phone customers are complaining about problems with their service. Tbaytel customer Shayna White has been noticing that blackouts have been common.

"Sometimes my phone's connection will black out. Blackouts like they used to have on the Blackberries." she said.

She believes that they should fix the issues as quickly as possible.

"They should work on their towers, especially around the reserves, because you can't really get service out there." she added.

In a recent press release from Tbaytel, they announced plans to improve the service in the area.

"In addition to the construction of the new service sites, Tbaytel is also creating added capacity at its three existing sites north of the downtown core, between Kenora and Keewatin and west of Keewatin. Work has commenced and will continue through to late June." said the report.

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