The 12th "Modified" Maybe Annual Coney Island Music Festival wrapped up yesterday.

This year the stage faced the water on the north side of Coney from a private dock and everyone was invited to park their watercraft a safe distance from others on Lake of the Woods to enjoy the full schedule of local entertainment.

The festival was also broadcast live on social media. Ferg Devins, one of the organizers, says between those viewing online and those attending the festival in person there were a lot of ears listening to the local talent.

"We have an official counter each year and he figures there were hundreds of people out there. I think at one point he counted 50 boats, and if you think of an average of 10 per boats, there is 500 people. Then they said there were probably 100 people on the main beach, then residents of Coney probably another 100. So we're 600 or 700 hundred people, as well as those who have been watching on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter live," he said.

Devins said the modifications made to accommodate social distancing were well received.

"Well, you know it's interesting, we called it the modified maybe annual this year and some people are saying maybe this is the model. On the dock, something like an MS Kenora or a Grace Anne, lots of people on deck out in the bay. There might be an interesting thought there. The modified maybe annual might be something of the future," he said.

This year's entertainment included:

Brooklyn Doran

Missy Jacobson & Wayne Kelso



Reilly Scott & Merel Ven der Wielen

The 22z