The 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs pool has begun at Q104

Every office member has their favorites, every water cooler has heard their share of smack talk.  This: is the Q104 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs pool, an exciting time of they year.  For some their team will only make it through the first round...for others they'll be cheering loudly likely to the end of May, perhaps the beginning of June.  That's approximately a month and a half of intense-nail biting hockey action, lets do this.   Stanley Cup playoffs begin tonight, who are you cheering for? (insert Hockey Night In Canada theme song here)


p.s. GO FLAMES!!!

p.p.s it's cute that Ken O'Neil likes the Flames and also has the ability to change my blogs if he wants, really cute.  But seriously... GO FLAMES!!! -~Andi~